Huntingdon Telemed, LLC. is transporting telemedicine with the industry's first transportable telemedicine cart and fully integrated HTware software solution. Our patented telemedicine cart is a force multiplier that is improving access and quality while lowering costs through a hub-and-spoke-model.

It’s portable, lightweight and amazing

Our cart offers users a complete office in a lightweight design that is portable and can easily fit in/out of a vehicle.

Real time interaction and secure communication

Each cart features integrated camera, sound and microphone as well as a printer and long-lasting battery life. A dual screen is provided, one for the operator and one for the patient.


The Huntingdon Telemed transportable telemedecince cart gets doctors in front of patients, regardless of physical proximity, and ensures the communication of information with little delay.

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Huntingdon Telemed

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Fully Integrated Web-Based
EHR Software Solution

Huntingdon's Integrated
HTWARE Software

Our fully integrated HTware telemedicine software package system, developed by our strategic partner NextStep Solutions, helps users experience virtual medical services with face-to-face communication via a secured interface. NextStep Solutions has a legacy of developing best-in-class software technologies that enhance patient care while streamlining and improving clinical operations.

Our self-contained and web-based software solution makes it easy to deliver quality care over the internet, while remaining compliant, regardless of the proximity of the clinician to the client.

Our HTware software is Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified and HL7 Compliant. As a result, information can be easily transmitted to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and complies with Medicare and Medicaid Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). Different software packages are available to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about packages and pricing.

  • Autofill documentation features
  • Scheduling, Billing, Patient admissions
  • Clinical documentation with flexible form builder
  • E-Prescribing
  • Documentation Center for automated e-Fax or secure e-Mail
  • Live chat between the patient, technician and/or Doctor via secure communication
  • Receives and transmits video and sound during session
  • Compliance rules

Medical Devices

At present, our HTware software integrates with a bluetooth stethoscope and otoscope. Other peripheral devices (e.g. blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, thermometer) are under development.